UV Aqua Pro Instrument


    placeholder300x450The Aqua Pro is small, powerful, discrete, and extremely easy to use. It takes all the guesswork out of UV and adds an unparalleled element of precision by providing you with the optimum rate of speed to draw your sample through the UV Irradiation field. You can now be certain you are providing the most effective UV exposure each and every time.

    Certification: The Aqua Pro UV Instrument has been CE Approved in Germany. This is no easy undertaking. It requires rigorous product testing, and factory inspections. Therefore this is your undeniable proof that the Aqua Pro is a high quality reliable precision instrument.

    Reputation: Over the past 12 years The Aqua Pro UV System has proven itself to be a high quality and reliable UV System. In fact, it is America’s favorite UV System. We are certain it will become yours as well.

    The information here will provide you with a quick overview of the Aqua Pro UV Instrument and provide you with the “How” and “Why” it is the ideal choice. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to call us or email any time.

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    What is your goal? It is to safely provide the Optimal amount of UV Irradiation each and every time you use the UV System, regardless of how many hours the UV Lamp has already been used. The Aqua Pro is the only system that can ensure you reach this goal 100% of the time. How?

    Two Essential Components make this possible:

    The UV Sensor
    Fact: UV Lamps decrease in strength every time you use them. It is the nature of any and every UV Lamp.

    • The UV Ultraviolet Sensor constantly measures the strength of the UV Ultraviolet lamp. It then relays this information to you via a digital readout on the front panel, simply showing you the perfect speed at which to draw the sample through the Ultraviolet Irradiation field.
    • From day to day, as the lamp weakens, the UV Ultraviolet Sensor will be providing you with ever slightly increasing exposure times, which will compensate for the decreasing strength of UV irradiation field.
    • This ensures that the procedure is performed under Optimal and Replicable conditions each and every time, regardless of the strength of the UV Lamp.

    Fact: UV ultraviolet lamps will still turn on and light, even though the UV ultraviolet strength is too low for any benefit. The UV Sensor can save you from using a lamp that is no longer providing any benefit

    • The UV Ultraviolet Sensor senses the low strength, and will not allow the Aqua Pro UV ultraviolet Instrument to operate under these conditions.
    • A message appears on the front display, showing you that you need to change the lamp. You will then know that it is time to replace the ultraviolet lamp with a new one in order to continue your effective UV Sessions.

    What would happen if you used a UV System that did not have a UV Sensor? The effectiveness of the ultraviolet irradiation procedure would get worse each time you perform it, until finally the UV ultraviolet lamp burns out. In fact, if you use a UV Lamp until the day it burns out, you would be providing two to four weeks of UV sessions with little or no effectiveness; the UV Lamp was simply too weak to provide any benefit.

    The UV Sensor is your key to Reliable, Optimal, and Replicable UV sessions that are the same each and every time, regardless of the strength of the UV Lamp.

    The Focus Chamber
    Some companies will place as many lamps as possible into the UV Machine in a desperate attempt to surround the sample with UV light. Unfortunately this creates a situation where tremendous heat is generated, which can damage your sample. Their solution to this problem is to add saline to the sample to try to mitigate the damage, diluting the sample and bringing into question the amount of UV exposure that actually took place.

    Our answer is the Focus Chamber, a parabolic chamber in which the walls are rounded perfectly to ensure that each and every UV ray emitted by the UV Lamp is bounced off the wall and directed back to land precisely onto the cuvette. This creates a situation where we are able to effectively utilize 100% of the energy of the UV Lamp, and we eliminate any and all random scattering of the UV rays that occurs when one tries a random assortment of mirrors as in other units on the market. This enables us to provide a UV Irradiation benefit equal to or better than the multi-lamp units, with just a single UV lamp.

    The additional benefit is that the single UV Lamp in the Focus Chamber emits very little heat, compared to the massive amounts of heat dangerously emitted by the UV Systems using four lamps. No heat….no damage.


    The power of UV light at a precise wavelength of 254.3 nanometers is indisputable. UV Ultraviolet Instruments such as the Aqua Pro Instrument have been in use since the early 1920’s. Research and experience continues to build regarding the benefits of ultraviolet light.

    The Aqua Pro UV Instrument brings a level of precision and repeatability to this practice that has never before been seen in the industry. Unlike most other systems on the market there is nothing random here. The disposable UV Cuvette made of 214 Quartz Glass is placed inside the Focus Chamber and the door is closed. The system is initialized and the UV Lamp is tested by the UV Sensor to see if it is even strong enough to provide a benefit. If not, you are advised by the system to replace the lamp with a new one. Assuming the UV Lamp passes the initial test, the system activates, you then use the directives of the UV Sensor to move the fluid through the UV Irradiation field at the speed that will provide the Optimal amount of UV energy to the sample.

    Upon completion of the exposure time the lid is opened, the cuvette is discarded, and a new session is begun. Remember that UV Lamps decrease in strength every time you use them. So the key here is that regardless of the strength of the UV Lamp, the UV Sensor will provide you with the perfect exposure time to ensure that every session is under Optimal and Replicable conditions.

    Simplicity, perfection, and best of all, effective.


    Ultraviolet Lamp: Wavelength 253.7nm (UV-C) or Wavelength 365nm UVA (ordered seperately) Life Span: approx. 2000 hours (see UV Ultraviolet Lamps)
    Special Features
    • Focus Chamber: 100% UV Lamp Efficiency
    • UV Sensor:
    1. Ensures each Session is performed under Optimal and Replicable Conditions regardless of the age of the UV Lamp. (Provides best rate to move the fluid through the UV Irradiation Field.)
    2. Tests the strength of the UV Lamp before the session begins to ensure it is strong enough to use (and advises you to change the lamp if it is not strong enough)
    Proof of Quality Manufacturing The Aqua Pro is CE Approved (a European safety and quality approval similar to ETL, CSA, and UL).
    Size 220mm x 220mm x 75mm (8.7″ x 8.7″ x 3″), 2.5 kg (5 lbs)
    Power Requirements: Automatically Adjusts to 90 – 240 V AC, 50/60Hz with no converter
    Consumption: 18 VA