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    Quantum 5 Complete Ozone System Package shown

    Quantum 5 Ozone Generator with One Ozone Output Port:

    Advanced Ozone Technology

    Quantum 5 Ozone Generator: Simply the highest quality purest Ozone Output and most precise Ozone Generators on the world market today. The unique and controllable “On / Off” front panel syringe port makes the Quantum 5 the easiest ozone generator to operate, and the only one with a ‘Foot Pedal’ for remote ‘hands free’ release of the ozone, ensuring precision and never releasing any ozone into your office or laboratory. Unequaled Design and Quality is proven without a shadow of a doubt by our QAI Approval to CSA and UL Standards, and unequalled purity of ozone as proven by our “Purity Report” and made possible by our unique 100% Quartz Glass Electrode, the electrode that world industry experts state is the ‘best possible material” to make the electrodes from.

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    Quantum 5 Ozone Generator

    10 Industry Leading Ozone Features You Will Love About Your New Quantum 5

    Quantum 5 Ozone Generator-trans900

    1. Longevity Resources™ 100% Quartz Glass Electrode

    “The most recommended material for these electrodes is Quartz Glass” …that is an exact quote from the International Ozone Generator Standards written by the International ozone experts at the ISCO3.org.

    Longevity’s 100% Glass Electrode’s has the unique ability to create pure ozone because the all glass electrode ensures the ozone never touches any metal, plastic, rubber, ceramics, glues, and resins that are found in competitor’s ceramic and metal ozone electrodes. Each of Longevity’s Ozone Generators contains a single Longevity Quartz Glass Electrode, which incidentally creates more ozone than 2 of the competitor’s electrodes, displaying just how vastly superior the “Cold Corona Quartz Glass Technology” really is. (Read more about Exceptional Quartz Glass Technology; Read the ISCO3.org’s Ozone Generator Guidelines here).

    2. Purity of the Ozone is Guaranteed and Proven; Longevity’s the only Company in the World to Prove This!

    Longevity Resources Inc is the ONLY Ozone Company in the world to have had our Ozone Gas tested by a professional & qualified laboratory for the presence of metals. The result? Absolutely no Metals Detected in the Ozone! (test sensitivity to phenomenal 2 ppb; performed by Air Liquide Inc. October 2016). This is only possible because Longevity’s 100% Glass Electrode ensures the ozone touches only 100% Quartz Glass when it is being created, and never allowed to touch any metals. The purest ozone in the world is available from all Longevity Ozone Generators at an extremely competitive price. Longevity Ozone Purity is Guaranteed! (See our purity report from Air Liquide here).

    3. Quality is Guaranteed and Proven (Longevity’s Ozone Generators have a QAI Approval to CSA and UL Standards)

    All manufacturers are going to tell you that their products are high quality. But how can you tell if a manufacturer is telling you the truth? At Longevity Resources we can prove it to you! Worldwide experts at the ISCO3.org urge you to consider that “Quality and Safety of the product can only be confirmed if the product carries a local Quality and Safety Approval such as ETL, CSA, UL, or QAI Approval”. Longevity Resources Inc. is the only company in North America with a full Quality and Safety Approval, assigned by QAI Quality Auditing Institute. The Engineers at QAI tested Longevity’s Ozone Generators in their laboratory, trying to make them fail, heat up, burn out, or catch fire. They inspected every component, and every electrical connection. The result? Phenomenal quality and a full Quality and Safety Approvals to CSA and UL Standards from an unbiased fully qualified third party. PROOF that the Quantum 5 is a high-quality precision ozone generator and that you are investing in an ozone system and a company that you can trust.

    4. A full range of Ozone Concentrations so you can Perform All Protocols

    The Quantum 5 Ozone Generator produces over 90 Ozone Concentrations from the now so popular “micro dosing” concentrations below 1 ug/ml all the way up to 120 ug/ml, the highest ozone concentration in the world. You can rest assured that if you have the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator you can perform any and all protocols.

    5. The Most Precise Ozone Output in the Industry

    Longevity’s superior Cold Corona Glass Electrode Technology provides stable precision ozone output for your ozone generator. Ozone Output chart is custom made for each ozone generator using the oxygen regulator that accompanies the ozone generator. This ensures that the Ozone Output Chart that comes with your ozone generator is accurate to within 0.1 ug/ml, the most precise ozone concentrations in the world.

    6. Front Panel Controllable Output Port (Luer Port) for Fast and Easy Ozone Access

    Attach tubing, bags, or syringes directly to the front panel mounted Luer Port on the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator. Release of ozone into the room is prevented because YOU control the release of the ozone from the ozone generator through activation of the panel mounted “Toggle Switch” to start and stop the ozone flow. The Luer Port can also be activated by depressing the “Remote Control Foot Switch” designed for hands free operation when you wish to keep your hands sterile (how neat is that?).

    7. Interior Ozone Destruct Protects You and your Co-Workers

    When the Quantum 5 is running and producing ozone, but you are not ready to release it yet, an Interior Ozone Destruct Unit will destroy the ozone. When you are ready for the ozone, flip the Toggle Switch (or depress the Foot Pedal) and the ozone will be released from the front panel Luer Port.

    8. Premium Quality Components and Design Ensures You Never Have to Replace your Ozone Generator

    Longevity’s Quartz Glass Electrode runs at only 10% of its capacity even when on level 10 (maximum output). What this means is that we could put 10 times more power through Glass Electrode and it would still operate reliably. Why would we do this? Longevity engineers realized as far back as the 1990’s that if the Glass Ozone Electrode is run at only a small fraction of it’s capacity, running all hours of the day or even 24 hours per day would be easy for it to accomplish. Think of as taking a marathon runner for a ‘walk in the park’, she could do that over and over and not get tired. This is precisely why Longevity Ozone Generators manufactured 20 years ago are still in operation today! The Quantum 5’s are built today use the most modern electronics and our continued focus on precision, quality, and reliability ensure your Quantum 5 Ozone Generator will run reliably for a lifetime.

    9. Lifetime Warranty and Full Lifetime Customer Support.

    When you purchase an ozone system from Longevity Resources Inc. we begin a contract, a partnership with you. Longevity’s fully trained Toll Free Customer Support staff will assist you in person on the telephone (or via email, your choice) any time you have questions regarding set up of your ozonation system, or questions about ozone itself. There is never a fee for this assistance, and no expiry date. We appreciate your trust in Longevity and your support, and in return we are more than happy to support you!

    • If ensuring you are purchasing the most advanced ozone technology available today is important to you…
    • If the purity and ‘contaminant free’ nature of the ozone, and the precision of the ozone concentrations is important to you …
    • If product quality, reliability, and Longevity is important to you…
    • If having the security of a 30 Day Money Back Return Policy is important to you…
    • If having a friendly “Customer Support” voice on the other end of the telephone when you need assistance is important to you…

    ….then you need to purchase the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator. Call us at the number at the bottom of this screen or email us (info@ozonegenerator.com) for more information, pricing, or to place your order.


    3 Reasons You Can Use Your Quantum 5 Ozone Generator for any Ozone Protocol:

    1. Precision Ozone Concentrations to 0.1 ug/ml Accuracy (that’s 1 part per billion!)

      Each Quantum 5 Ozone Generator is designed to produce 70 very specific and precise Ozone Concentrations. All of these choices ensure that you can choose the exact ozone concentration that is perfect for your application.

    2. Full Range of Ozone Concentrations

      Each Quantum 5 Ozone Generator produces a full range of ozone concentrations from 1 – 120 ug/ml (120 ug/ml is the highest concentration in the world). This full range ensures all of the ozone concentrations you need are available, and the concentrations from 100 ug/ml – 120 ug/ml are essential for the production of high quality ozonated water, ozonated saline, and ozonated olive oil.

    3. Ultra-Pure Ozone, Proven by Independent Laboratory Testing

      The Ozone produced by the Quantum 5 is “Ultra Pure” and “Contaminant Free”. This is because the ozone does not contact any metal, plastic, rubber, latex, or ceramics while inside the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator.  For reasons of safety this should be the standard in the ozone industry. Unfortunately the “Ultra Pure Contaminant Free” nature of the ozone is unique to the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator and our EXT Ozone Generators.

    After production has been completed, each system is tested on an Ozone Analyzer to ensure that the Ozone Concentrations are precise. When you receive your Quantum 5 Ozone Generator it will be accompanied by an Ozone Output Chart, which provides you with the full range of ozone output concentrations and how to set the ozone generator to produce the Ozone Output setting of your choice.

    The Ozone Output Chart is provided as follows:

    LPM cc/min 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    1/32 31 38 65 76 80 83 91 94 98 105 120
    1/16 62 20 42 55 69 82 86 92 96 98 100
    1/8 125 12 26 36 48 61 72 84 88 92 96
    1/4 250 6 14 20 28 39 49 59 64 70 78
    1/2 500 3 7 11 15 22 27 36 40 44 50
    ¾ 750 2 6 8 11 16 20 26 29 34 42
    1 1000 1.5 5 6 9 13 17 22 25 29 36

    LPM – the numbers in this column from 1/32 to 1 LPM represent the flow of oxygen in Liters Per Minute
    Cc/min  – the numbers in this column from 31 to 1000 cc/min represent the flow of oxygen in cubic centimeters per minute.
    The Numbers 1 through 10 at the top of the chart represent the dial settings on the ozone generator.
    The Numbers 1.5 through 120 in the rest of the chart represent the concentrations of ozone that are produced.

    Examples :
    A/ If you set the oxygen flow on 1/32 LPM and the Ozone Generator dial on 10, you will produce 120 ug/ml (which is the highest ozone output setting in the world)
    B/ If you set the oxygen flow on 1/4 LPM and the dial setting on 10 you will produce 78 ug/ml

    Ozone Output Terminology
    For Professional, Laboratory, Clinical, and Medical Research applications the “Ozone Output” is usually discussed in terms of “Micrograms per milliliter” or “ ug/ml “. This is the most precise way to discuss Ozone Concentrations. Other terms such as “percentage” are not as accurate. Another term “milligrams per hour” is also not as informative as this term tells you only how much ozone is produced over the period of one hour (which is a function of the flow or volume of ozone, plus the concentration), rather than telling you the exact concentration.  For most precision “Ultra Pure” Ozone Applications, the concentration term that is necessary is ug/ml or “Micrograms Per Milliliter”. (If you have more questions regarding these terms please call our office and ask for our Product Specialists if you have not yet purchased equipment, or our “Customer Support Staff” if you have already purchased an EXT or Quantum Ozone Generator from Longevity Resources Inc.).

    A full explanation as to how to read this chart to choose the Ozone Concentration that is perfect for you is included in the Owner’s Manual. If you require some additional assistance, or have more questions regarding the Ozone Output Settings for your Ozone Generator (after your purchase)  our customers  are always welcome to call our Customer Support Staff on our toll free line to ask as many questions as you like. This service is always free of charge to our customers, and at no charge.


    Specifications for the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator:

    Ozone output:
    Micro-dosing at <1ug/ml – 120ug/ml (over 90choices to choose from); widest range in the world.
    Proof of Professional Manufacturing:
    Manufactured in our QAI Approved and Inspected factory; Quality controls are in place, and factory inspections occur every 3 months. 
    Ozone Generation:
    Silent Pulse Injection Cold Corona Discharge using a 100% Quartz Glass Electrode to avoid exposing the oxygen and ozone to metal, ceramic, plastic, and rubber*; exposure to glass only ensure pure contaminant free ozone.Silent Pulse Injection Cold Corona Discharge is a cold process that involves no heat, no arcing, no sparking. Lifetime Warranty (below).
    QAI Approval (see above) means the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator has been fully inspected, rigorously inspected, and proven to not heat up (and certainly not ‘burn out’) otherwise QAI Approval would not have been granted. This is your absolute proof that you are purchasing the highest quality ozone generator on the market today.
    (*Most manufacturers are currently using tubes that have one metal surface, one ceramic surface, plastic ends, and rubber “O” ring seals. The advantage is that these tubes are produced cheaply and in high quantity by Chinese manufacturers; the disadvantage is that the ozone that is produced is contaminated with toxic byproducts from the rubber, plastic, etc.)
    Customer Service:
    Toll Free Within North America (877-543-3398) and free of charge with no expiry date! Our well-trained customer service staff is waiting to assist you.
    Table Top Configuration 4″ H x 7.25″ D x 13″ W (102mm H x 184mm D x 330mm W)
    Weight: 7lbs.
    110 – 120 volts, 220 – 240 volts (upon request) VAC 50-60Hz or 12V DC with inverter; 
    0.4 Amps (very, very safe; check other company’s at up to 1.5 amps!), 24 Watts
    Special features:
    Built in Ozone Destruct Unit so Quantum 5 can run but not release ozone into the room; Front panel Ozone Output Port (Luer Port or “Syringe Port”) for super easy Syringe Filling, or attachment of Silicone Ozone Tubing; controlled release of ozone from Ozone Output Port by depressing adjacent Toggle Switch; Remote activation of Ozone Output Port by Remote Foot Switch; Digital countdown timer to automatically shut off Ozone Production after the pre-set time has elapsed. Available in any voltage 120V, 220V, 240V, 50-60Hz, 12V DC. (mention your preferred voltage when you order)
    Lifetime Warranty:
    Longest Warranty in the Industry: Lifetime Warranty on Glass Cold Corona Discharge Tube, 5 year parts and labor warranty on all other components
    Tan colored powder coated EMF Shielded Table Top Style Cabinet
    Easy! Connect Oxygen Supply to oxygen inlet. Ozone hose to ozone outlet.
    Ozone Control:
    1. By changing flow of oxygen
    2. By 10 position switch setting on the ozone generator (controls frequency of Cold Corona Discharge) Full instructions and easy to read Output Chart are included in the manual.

    Quartz Glass Technology – Why is this So Important?!

    In 1995 at the inception of our company, the founders of Longevity Resources Inc made an unbreakable commitment to our customers: “Design, Manufacture, and Provide only Ozone Generators that truly produce Pure Contaminant Free Ozone in Precision Concentrations”. This is no easy goal. Why?

    Ozone Destroys all of the materials that we normally use to make consumer products: Plastic, Rubber, Metal, etc. When Ozone contacts these materials, the materials are slowly destroyed (oxidized). As they are Oxidized, they release toxic byproducts. For example:

    Stainless Steel (a popular metal that most companies are using for the ‘electrode’ in their ozone generator): releases Chromium and Iron (plus nickel and other contaminants, depending upon the type of stainless steel that was used to create the electrode).

    Aluminum (as the price of Stainless Steel rises, many companies are switching to Aluminum to make their ozone electrodes): releases aluminum oxides, known to be neurotoxins

    Plastics and Rubber: easily oxidized by ozone, they release petroleum byproducts and other toxic byproducts into the ozone.

    Of course, if these materials are allowed to come into contact with the ozone, these toxic byproducts go anywhere and everywhere the ozone goes.

    Clearly, if your goal is to create pure ozone, it is essential to ensure Ozone does not make contact with these materials! Ozone is created when Oxygen contacts energy within the confines of an ‘electrode’. But if you can’t make this electrode out of metal (because it would be oxidized and release metal contaminants into the ozone) what can you make it out of? GLASS!


    The Quantum 5 Ozone Generator contains Longevity’s 21st Century Power Handling Technology and is one of the most technologically advanced ozone generators on the world market today. Within the Quantum 5 Ozone Generators lies Longevity Resources’ trademark 100% Quartz Glass Double Walled Electrode which is the only way to produce Pure Contaminant Free Ozone. This astoundingly pure ozone is provided in over 70 Precision Concentrations from 1 ug/ml to 120 ug/ml. The Quantum 5 is suitable for any and all Medical, Dental, Laboratory Research Applications.

    Order it alone, or in one of our “Basics” or “Complete” Quantum 5 Ozone System Packages, or your own Custom Configuration (you choose the accessories).

    If you need more information or assistance to choose the accessories for your unique ozone application method, please call our office or email Longevity Resources Inc. Our Product Specialists are more than happy to assist you in a pleasant, polite, and confident manner. Please don’t hesitate to call Longevity Resources or Email us; we are here to help.

    Quantum 5 “Complete” Ozone System Package

    • Quantum 5 Ozone GeneratorQ5-pkg-1a
    • 1ug/ml – 120 ug/ml
    • With Internal Ozone Destruct Unit
    • Built In “On / Off” Controllable Syringe Port Output Port
    • Built In Timer
    • Remote Control Foot Pedal (to Open/Close Syringe Port)
    • 640 Liter Oxygen Tank
    • Oxygen Regulator
    • Tubing Accessories Package
    • 1 x 50ml Glass Bubbler
    • 1 x 50ml Glass TRAP
    • Small Plexiglas Trap & Bubbler Stand
    • 1000ml Glass Flask
    • “Turbo” Ozone Destruct Unit

    Quantum 5 “Basics” Ozone System Package

    • Q5-pkg-2Quantum 5 Ozone Generator
    • 1ug/ml – 120 ug/ml
    • With Internal Ozone Destruct Unit
    • Built In “On / Off” Controllable Syringe Port Output Port
    • Built In Timer
    • Remote Control Foot Pedal (to Open/Close Syringe Port)
    • 640 Liter Oxygen Tank
    • Oxygen Regulator
    • Tubing Accessories Package

    Quantum 5 “Briefcase” Ozone System Package

    • Q5-pkg-3Quantum 5 Ozone Generator
    • 1ug/ml – 120 ug/ml
    • With Internal Ozone Destruct Unit
    • Built In “On / Off” Controllable Syringe Port Output Port
    • Built In Timer
    • Shockproof, Waterproof Briefcase Carrying Case
    • Remote Control Foot Pedal (to Open/Close Syringe Port)
    • Power Cord
    • Remote Foot Switch Controller for the Controllable ‘On / Off’ Syringe Port
    • Add any Additional Accessories that you like from our Ozone Accessories Section

    Quantum 5 Ozone Generator (alone)

    • 1 ug/ml – 120 ug/mlQ5-pkg-4a
    • With Internal Ozone Destruct Unit
    • Built In “On / Off” Controllable Syringe Port Output Port
    • Built In Timer
    (Click on the photo to toggle the Ozone Output Port On and Off.)

    Which Ozone Generator is right for me?

    Longevity Resources Inc. offers you our oxygen fed ozone generators the EXT50 Ozone Generator, EXT120 Ozone Generator, the EXT120-T Ozone Generator, and the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator. A chart has been provided below to help you to compare these ozone generators.

    Ozone is produced inside each ozone generator by a double walled 100% Glass Tube that produces no heat, and has no metal, plastic, rubber, or ceramic in contact with the ozone / oxygen. Why is this important? Ozone would slowly destroy these materials and the toxic byproducts would be added to the ozone. Due to the toxic nature of these byproducts, all ozone generator manufacturers should ensure that these materials do not contact the ozone while the ozone is inside the ozone generator. Unfortunately at the present time, Longevity Resources Inc. is the only company producing ozone generators with 100% Glass Tubes, and none of these other materials. Therefore our design is ideally suited to provide you with “Ultra Pure Contaminant Free Ozone”. Due to the high quality of our electronic components we also guarantee no burnout (we actually have a Lifetime Warranty against burnout), no nitrogen byproducts, and no other contaminants; just pure, clean, precision ozone in levels (or concentrations). All of our ozone generators are suitable for “Ultra Pure Applications”, and all ozone protocols.

    Our Product Specialists are fully trained to assist you to choose the ozone generator that is most appropriate for your needs, and for your budget. Our staff is not on commission, so they do not use high pressure sales tactics. In response to your questions you will receive clear, concise, and friendly information to assist you to make the appropriate purchase for your specific needs. After your purchase we are still with you! You may call our toll free customer support line to speak with our Customer Support Staff should you have questions regarding use of the ozone systems.

    You likely have many questions. Please feel free to call our office at the numbers appearing on the bottom of this page (or email us) for answers to all of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.



    Ozone Generator

    Ozone Generator

    EXT120-T Ozone Generator

    Quantum 3 Ozone Generator

    Quantum 5 Ozone Generator

    Ozone Output Range

    To 55 ug/ml

    To 120 ug/ml

    To 120 ug/ml

    To 120 ug/ml

    To 120 ug/ml

    Number of Ozone Concentrations






    100% Glass Electrode (no plastic, rubber, metal, or ceramic) CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Lifetime Warranty CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Metal EMF Shielded Cabinet CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Built in Timer CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    External Syringe Port Available CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    *Integrated Internal Syringe Port CheckMark2 Output Ports CheckMark
    **Integrated Internal Ozone Destruct CheckMark
    Remote Control for Syringe Port (for hands free control of release of ozone) CheckMark CheckMark
    Suitable for all Home Ozone Protocols CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Suitable for all Professional Ozone Protocols


    CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Suitable for Laboratory Ozone Protocols CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Suitable for Ozonated Water CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Suitable for Ozonated Oils CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Professionally Produced
    (not “Home Made”)
    CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Toxic Byproducts from Ceramics, Plastic, Rubber, Metal






    Glass ONLY in contact with the ozone in the ozone generator (no ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber) CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    Toll Free Customer Support Included CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark
    ***30 Day Money Back Guarantee Included CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark CheckMark

    Wt. 6 lbs

    Wt. 6 lbs

    Wt. 8 lbs

    Wt. 7 lbs

    Wt. 7 lbs

    Accessories that Can be Included
    (Send us an email to receive our price list and to review the details of our Ozonation System packages.)






    *You can fill a syringe directly from any one of our ozone generators. However, the idea of filling syringes (to use the ozone at another location) is that ideally you are not releasing ozone into the air around you while you fill the syringe. The only way to accomplish this is to have either an external Syringe Port (or Luer Lock) which is available for all of our ozone generators, or an “Internal Integrated Syringe Port” which is available on the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator. For more information regarding “Syringe Ports” please feel free to call us any time at the number below and ask to speak with one of our Product Specialists, or review the product information associated with the Quantum 5 Ozone Generator.

    ***30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Unique in the Industry!
    No other company in this ozone industry allows you to return products for a refund! What are they afraid of?! We are so certain you will be impressed with the Quality of Longevity Resources Inc. Ozone Generators that we provide you the opportunity to return them for a refund**

    • use the product for up to 10 days and return if unsatisfied for a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping charges)
    • use the product for 11 – 30 days and return for a refund minus 25% restocking fee (minus shipping charges)

    ** Products must be in ‘new’ condition when they arrive, with no damage. Return authorization code must be obtained from our staff before returning the products.

  • QAI Approval (Quality Auditing Institute) is PROOF that you are purchasing the highest quality, most reliable, and safest ozone generator.

    Are you also considering an ozone generator with no safety approval? Read more as to why you should never buy an ozone generator without a Quality and Safety Approval.....