Ozonated Olive Oil Maker


    The Ozonated Olive Oil Maker connects to your Ozone Generator so you can make your own highly Ozonated Olive Oil. Fill it with up to 1 Liter (approximately 1 Quart) of Olive Oil. The “All Glass” construction and Glass Bubbler (where the ozone bubbles enter the oil) ensures that the system will never deteriorate (oxidize) from the ozone and the ozonated oil will always remain pure and contaminant free. (Never, ever make ozonated oils with a ‘stone’ bubbler. The Stone Bubbler will deteriorate from the ozone, adding particles to the oil. Not only are the particles quite often toxic, but bacteria can hide from the ozone in the particles, and biologically contaminate the ozonated oil).

        Made of High Quality Thermal and Shock Resistant Borosilicate Glass
        Includes Ozone “In” Tube (to connect to your ozone generator)
        Includes Glass Bubbling System, also known as a Glass Frit to maintain purity of the Ozone and the Olive Oil, free of contaminants
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