Hyperthermic Chamber

Spacious Interior for your comfort

    hyberthermicchamber-backThe Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet arrives at your door fully assembled and ready to use in any room of your home, office, or business. It requires no plumbing hook up, no water line, no drains, and no special electrical supply. Just add water, plug the power cord into your standard wall socket, and enjoy your own personal private steam sauna!

    The Hyperthermic Chamber is the highest quality personal steam sauna cabinet on the market today (review our testimonials), built for personal or commercial use.

    Are you looking for an “Ozone Sauna” or “Oxygen Sauna?” Just add one of our Ozonation systems (EXT50, EXT120, EXT120-T) to The Hyperthermic Chamber to create a world class “Ozone Sauna” for your home or business (see all the Ozone Sauna Packages that we offer). All components of the Hyperthermic Chamber are completely ozone resistant ensuring outstanding performance and durability.


    Steam and heat production and distribution contribute dramatically to your comfort in your Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet. What else will add to your comfort?

    Digital Remote Control!

    – Outstanding convenience and ultimate in temperature control. Use the hand held digital control pad to choose the time you would like to be in the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet and preset your desired temperature. Hang the remote control on the wall or set it on a table or counter top to easily view the time remaining in the session and the actual internal temperature of the sauna on the display screen. Temperature is displayed and controlled to within 1 degree of the set temperature! The most advanced, convenient and precise steam system available!


    10 Seat Positions! Comfort, Comfort!

    – 10 seat possible seat positions ensures a perfect fit, ergonomically molded extra strong fiberglass seat, reinforced seat rail system holds up to 400 pounds, and ergonomic form fitting neck opening ensure your comfort.

    Spacious Interior for your comfort

    Spacious Interior for your comfort

    4 Steam Vents!

    – Perfection! 4 independent steam jets (two back, two at floor level) ensure even heating throughout the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet.

    “Safe Steam” Steam Jets

    – your safety and comfort is our priority. Lower level steam jets at your feet are covered with our new “Safe Steam” steam diverters so your feet are not exposed to hot steam, and to further enhance our outstanding steam and heat distribution through the sauna.

    Self Cooling Electronics

    – your sauna may heat to 130 degrees F, but your electronics shouldn’t! We use only the highest quality electronics available, then we ensure that they remain at room temperature to ensure Longevity! Our self cooling electronics will ensure problem-free operation of the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet.

    New Sealed Stainless Steel Steamer

    – Our Vortex II Stainless Steel Steamer design ensures all electronics completely sealed from water, steam, and ozone by high quality stainless steel. Ozone proof, steam proof, water proof! Built for commercial use so both Home Users and Business Users are provided a top quality product.

    ETL Approved

    – after being rigorously inspected for safety and quality by US and Canadian Authorities, the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet has been granted ETL Approval. This is your proof of high quality, safety, and professional manufacturing.

    State of the Art Construction

    – Closed Cavity Vacuum Bag Molding is the most technologically advanced method of fiberglass construction and far superior to our previous method of Hand Laid Fiberglass. This technique uses 21st Century Technology to ensure an even higher density fiberglass for even more strength, durability, and quality!

    Ozone Ready

    – to ensure you can use your steam sauna with ozone, every Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet is made from ozone resistant components, an ozone / oxygen port is installed in the wall, and the steam generator is completely sealed from the effects of ozone. (Choose an Ozone Generator to create your Ozone Sauna)

    Water Level Sensor AND Sight Glass

    – (i) see the current water level on the sight glass (ii) low water level warning light will illuminate if the steamer needs to be refilled (iii) Water Level Sensor will automatically shut off the steam generator just before it runs out of water for added safety.

    “Easy Fill” Water Port

    – fill the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna cabinet without removing the seat, and without unscrewing any covers. Just pour in the water!

    No Plumbing or Drains

    – place the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet in any room of your home, office, or clinic. If you move, take it with you!

    Easily moved on rear wheels and fits through any standard doorway

    Easily moved on rear wheels and fits through any standard doorway

    Easy Maintenance

    – easy to drain water from the steamer if prolonged storage is necessary or if you move; Top of steam generator easily removed if cleaning is necessary; all electronics easily accessed from the front panel; element easy to change if necessary.

    Double Doors

    – for easy entry and exit, front lip of the sauna is only 1.5 inches off the floor

    No Leaking!

    – silicone “T” seal down between the doors, and “No Drip Lip” on the front of the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet ensures that water and steam do not leak when the doors are closed.

    Quadruple Safety System!

    – Your safety is our priority (i) Low water shut off, (ii) timer shut off (iii) high temperature limit shut off (iv) fuse protection

    Our highly advanced construction techniques and the above features are unique to the Longevity Resources Inc. Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Ozone Sauna Cabinet. The high quality, safety, convenience, comfort, steam and heat distribution, and digital time and temperature display guarantee you will love your new Hyperthermic Chamber!


    Click here for diagram
    40 L x 28 W x 48 H (inches) (101.63cm L x 71.12cm W x 121.92cm H) with doors closed50 L x 38 W x 48 H (inches) (127cm L x 96.52cm W x 121.92cm H) with doors open
    Access: Double doors; open out and wide for easy access; front lip of sauna only 1.5 inches (3.81cm) above floor level for extremely easy access
    Seating: 10 position (height) molded ergonomic seat for precise adjustment; formed comfortable neck opening
    Weight: 110lbs or 50kgs
    Power: 120 Volt AC / 11.7 amps
    220/240 volt versions also available.
    Time and Temperature Controls: Digital Remote controlled thermostat with 1° F increments up to 130 and 30 minute timer
    Steam Source: VORTEX Steam Generator – inside cabinet
    Steam Delivery: 4 independent steam vents for maximum steam and heat distribution
    Enclosure: Hand Laid Fiberglas; extremely strong and sturdy; high gloss finish
    Mobility: Heavy Duty Castors on back for easy rolling; fits through standard doorway
    Water Reservoir: 6 Liter internal water reservoir; easily refilled through “Easy Fill” port
    Warranty: The longest warranty in the industry: 2 years warranty on the electronics (Vortex Steam Generator) and 5 years warranty on the body of the Hyperthermic Chamber

    The Hyperthermic Chamber Ozone Ready Steam Sauna Cabinet was designed with commercial use in mind to run all day long. It can bring a tremendous boost to the income of your new or existing business, providing potentially thousands of dollars income per month. This added income can be achieved by:

    1/ Selling the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet to your friends, colleagues, customers, clients, or patients

    2/ Providing sessions in the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet as part of your salon, massage, spa, Wellness Center, or Health Center services

    Service offer to your Customers:

    Right now across the USA and Canada (and around the world) the Hyperthermic Chamber is being offered to customers in a wide variety of businesses:

    • Medical Clinics
    • Wellness Centers
    • Health Spas
    • Tanning Salons
    • Hair Salons
    • Day Spas
    • Massage Centers
    • Fitness Facilities

    Businesses typically book time in the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet much like a tanning salon sells time in the tanning booth. These sessions require so little staffing that one attendant can handle up to 10 Hyperthermic Chambers at a time.

    Customers are thrilled that they can drop by their local center on the way to work, after work, or during the day for a quick sauna session in the Hyperthermic Chamber.

    Pricing your Service to Customers:

    The service offered is usually a 30-minute session in the sauna. Prices range from $25.00 – $75.00 per 1/2-hour session depending upon your local market. The average price throughout the USA is $40.00 per 30-minute session.

    By reviewing the table below, it is easy to see how quickly revenue builds. Word spreads so rapidly about the service that many of our customers have found that they don’t even have to advertise that they are running the Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet. It is possible that first customers will tell two friends of their experience in your Hyperthermic Chamber Steam Sauna Cabinet, then they’ll tell two friends, who will tell two friends, and so on, and so on…

    Revenues Possible from your Hyperthermic Chamber (Ozone Ready) Steam Sauna Cabinet

    (Assumes $40.00 per person, 30 minute session, open 5 days per week)

    per day
    1 $200.00 $800.00 $9600.00
    2 $400.00 $1600.00 $19200.00
    3 $600.00 $2400.00 $28800.00
    4 $800.00 $3200.00 $38400.00
    5 $1000.00 $4000.00 $48000.00
    6 $1200.00 $4800.00 $57600.00
    8 $1600.00 $6400.00 $76800.00
    10 $2000.00 $8000.00 $96000.00
    15 $3000.00 $12000.00 $144000.00

    Even using the system on only 1 client per day, your yearly revenue would increase by almost $10,000.00 per year!

    • Average number of clients* using the system in a practice is 10. This results in a yearly revenue of almost $100,000.00 for your business!
    • Leasing is available (on approved credit) starting as low as $120.00 / month allowing you to possibly turn a profit in your first week!

    *Based on an informal telephone survey of our customers. The above information and figures are intended for your information only and should not be considered as a guarantee of income.


    • Completely sealed Stainless Steel computer controlled steam- and heat-generating system.
    • Digital remote control to choose your time and temperature can be hand held, set on a table or counter top or hung on the wall. After choosing the time and temperature the remote control goes into “display mode” showing you the time remaining in your session and the actual temperature inside the Hyperthermic Chamber steam sauna cabinet.
    • Designed specifically for the Hyperthermic Chamber steam sauna cabinet
    • Add water by just pouring it into the reservoir without removing the seat- and no screw tops to undo!
    • Completely ozone resistant and sealed so that ozone can not get to the electronics.
    • Temperature probe inside the Hyperthermic Chamber steam sauna senses the internal temperature, then communicates with the steam generator to tell it to increase or decrease steam production to maintain constant and consistent temperature.

    Which Oxygen Concentrator is right for me?


    Longevity Resources Inc. offers you the Longevity 5 Oxygen Concentrator (prescription required), OxyMax 8 Oxygen Concentrator, and OxyMax 10 Oxygen Concentrator. How do you know which one to choose? Deciding upon which Oxygen Concentrator (Oxygen Generator) is right for you will depend upon how you wish to use the Oxygen, what size of oxygen concentrator is appropriate for your needs, and the price range that will fit your budget.

    Longevity Resources Inc. sales team can assist you with your understanding of the differences between the oxygen concentrators, provide you with the pricing, and help you make your choice. Our sales team is not on commission, so you will not experience high pressure sales. They are simply here to answer your questions in a clear and concise manner. They are extremely knowledgeable and can assist you to make your choice.

    Feel free to call us at the numbers you find at the bottom of this screen or email us. Our staff is standing by to answer all of your questions.


    Oxygen Model Size in Pounds and inches O2 Purity O2 Flow Rate
    Longevity5 (*Rx Required) W=16”D=14”H=27”

    #60 lbs

    92% +/- 3%

    0 – 5 LPM

    OxyMax 8 Oxygen Concentrator W=15.7
    D=14.5”H=28.5”#60 lbs


    0 – 8 LPM

    OxyMax 10 Oxygen Concentrator W=15.7
    D=14.5”H=28.5”#60 lbs


    0 – 10 LPM

    What Can I do With the Oxygen Concentrator?

    Oxygen Model Breathe Oxygen Oxygen for Making Ozone Oxygen Full Face Mask Oxygen Misting Air Brush
    Longevity5 (*Rx Required)





    OxyMax 8 Oxygen Concentrator





    OxyMax 10 Oxygen Concentrator





    !EWOT – Stands for “Exercise With Oxygen Training”. In many countries around the world this is allowed as a ‘recreational’ use of oxygen. A prescription may be necessary if your federal authorities require one.

    *Longevity – 5 – is an approved medical instrument and requires a doctor’s prescription (MD) for purchase.

    #60lbs – the Longevity 5, OxyMax 8, and OxyMax 10 Oxygen Concentrators are all on wheels making them extremely easy to roll from room to room if necessary.