50ml Glass Humidifier


        Made of High Quality Thermal and Shock Resistant Borosilicate Glass
        Includes Ozone “In” Tube (to connect to your ozone generator)
        Includes Glass Bubbling System, also known as a Glass Frit to maintain purity of the Ozone and the Olive Oil, free of contaminants
        See our White Paper on Ozonating Olive Oil in the Research and Education Section of the Website

    This is an extremely high quality bubbling system with multiple uses:
    1.    It allows you to ‘humidify’ the ozone gas before it is used
    2.    Use it to make a very small amount (1/2 ounce) of highly ozonated olive oil
    3.    Use it to bubble ozone through olive oil, then use the softer, gentler ozone that comes out of the bubbler for your desired ozone application