1000ml Glass Flask


    This High Quality Glass Flask is the ideal way to make highly Ozonated Water while ensuring the water remains UltraPure Contaminant Free. We use a Glass Bubbling System to make very tiny bubbles instead of a ‘stone’ to ensure the purity of the ozonated water. The Ozone Inlet attaches to your Ozone Generator and the Ozone Outlet to the Ozone Destruct to ensure a ‘closed system’ so that ozone does not escape into the air. Holds 1000mL of water (roughly 1 US Quart)
        Made of High Quality Thermal and Shock Resistant Borosilicate Glass
        Includes Ozone “In” Tube (to connect to your ozone generator)
        Includes Ozone Offgassing “Out” Tube (to connector to your Ozone Destruct)
        Includes Glass Bubbling System, also known as a Glass Frit to maintain purity of the Ozone, and Purity of the Ozonated Water
        See our White Paper on Ozonated Water in the Research and Education Section