EWOT Accessories

ewotYoung or Old, Healthy or Health Challenged, EWOT Oxygen Exercise is for You. Lose Weight, Stay in Shape or Get in Shape, Flood your Cells with Life Giving Oxygen with EWOT. EWOT – Exercise With Oxygen Therapy is also known as Multistep Oxygen Therapy in Germany. Extensive research has been performed in Germany to prove that EWOT can provide profound benefits. Many people are using daily to weekly aerobic exercise in combination with purified Oxygen (EWOT) to ensure that they maintain peak athletic performance and health. Other people are using EWOT with a goal of regaining a previous level of health that they once enjoyed years ago, a level of health they yearn to restore. Still other people are determined to ensure that they delay the aging process as long as possible, by exercising while breathing oxygen on a regular basis. Whether you are young or old, healthy or in poor health, EWOT is a wonderful way to ensure that you have access to the levels of oxygen your body requires for peak performance.

Oxygen Tubing

An additional 10 Feet of Tubing provided to you free of charge and allows you to position your OxyMax oxygen source further away from your exercise equipment if necessary. Learn More