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Premium Ozonation Systems for Home Use, Professional Use, and Laboratory Research

What can Longevity Resources Inc. do for you?

1.) Since 1995 we have been manufacturing the only Safety and Quality Approved Ultra Pure Ozone Generators in North America! This is your proof of quality, and professional manufacturing. We offer you a full line of high quality ozone generators and accessories for home use through to professional use.

2.) We manufacture the only Safety and Quality Approved Steam Sauna Cabinet and Ozone Sauna in all of North America! If products truly are high quality and safe to use, they should have a Safety and Quality Approval like CSA, UL, QAI, ETL to prove that they have been tested thoroughly in a laboratory. All Longevity Products are approved! This is your proof from an independent laboratory that our products are high quality and safe for you to use.

3.) We provide you with the Gold Standard of Toll Free Customer Support in the Industry! Highly trained staff waiting and eager to assist you with any questions you have (after your purchase).

Longevity Resources Inc. has been leading the industry since our inception in 1995, providing professionals and home users with high quality equipment including: